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We offer a wide variety of wood splitters. We have wood splitters for tractors (tractor hydraulics), wood splitters with petrol engines, wood splitters on their own chassis (ball head coupling), electrically driven wood splitters and wood splitters with hybrid drive (eg. P.T.O and electric motor)... The splitting force can also be adjusted... 8 t, 9 t, 10 t, 12 t, 14 t, 17 t, 18 t, 20 t, 22 t, 25 t, 30 t, 38 t, 40 t, 50 t... you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Jansen Versand in Emlichheim. Petrol driven wood splitter have the advantage that you can work completely independently of a tractor or the power grid. On the other hand, an electric splitter is far quieter than a petrol splitter. We also pre-assemble machines upon request. In this way you can collect your wood splitter, drag saw or wood chipper ready for use. Dispatch is also no problem. However, in this case the machines are usually disassembled. The majority of our wood splitters are powered by a Kohler petrol engine; with this kind of drive type you can work independently to a large extent, and are not reliant on the power grid. Of course we also offer an electrical motor with the majority of our wood splitters. You can even find P.T.O driven wood splitters in our product range. Furthermore, you can hang our wood splitters on the ball head coupling of your car, lawn tractor or tractor... enabling you to stay flexible with our splitting machines.

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