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Dear customers, Dear prospective customers,

The company Jansen was founded in 1984 by Mr. Albert Jansen and has now been operating for years. Ever since our foundation, it has been extremely important to us that each and every one of our customers has a direct line to us as their dealer, and not - as is unfortunately so often the case nowadays - only to call centre staff who possess no real knowledge of the actual products they sell.


Years ago, we specialised in selling agricultural and forestry equipment and machinery and began to dedicate our special attention to the firewood processing category. We offer a large variety of equipment in this category - from log splitters to lumber trailers, all the way to firewood circular saws. You will also find many products from other categories in our product range. When you contact us, you will be speaking directly to an expert member of staff who will provide professional advice and gladly assist with any questions or technical problems you may have.

Many customers only really get to know their dealer when the time comes for repairs, spare parts, service, etc. but we’re here to provide you with any assistance you may need, whenever you may need it. We have a vast stock of spare parts and an in-house master workshop and are perfectly equipped to provide you with technical support, come what may. You can view and try out almost every one of our products in our extensive 2,000 m² showroom. Contact us to schedule an appointment!
If you have any questions, suggestions or should require any specific advice on purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or, of course, personally on site.
Your Jansen Shipping Team


Expertise, service and customer focus!

That’s what sets Jansen apart from other online shops and eBay sellers!

Most dealers place their focus predominately on “SELLING”, which often means that service and technical support are lacking. We have made it our mission to offer top-quality equipment and machines at a fair price. The quality standards we set ourselves are very high, and we are constantly working to further improve our products.

Our technicians carry out all repairs and service work in our master workshop. For many years, the workshop was overseen by our company founder and certified master mechanic, Mr. Jansen.

It is in our master workshop that we assist our customers with queries about our products, provide assembly advice or solve any technical problems that may have arisen.

The products we offer are stored on our premises and dispatched directly to our customers from here.


We currently have a warehouse of over 13,000 m². And it just keeps growing!

In us you will find a competent and customer-friendly manufacturer and dealer!

See for yourself!




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