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Our leaf vacuums or garden vacuums have huge suction! It doesn’t matter whether foliage, cigarette butts or litter. The devices are perfect for the classical Autumn use of vacuuming up leaves as well as for all other cleaning tasks. They also make sweeping and collecting up leaves much easier. All our leaf vacuums are equipped with a collection bag and most have a suction hose as standard. This is perfect for cleaning flower beds and basement wells.The vacuumed foliage is stored in a container (collection bag). Via the turbines you also simultaneously shred the foliage so that you can collect 10 times the regular amount of foliage compared to one full container load. To make things even more comfortable, our leaf vacuums come equipped with their own motor. The wide suction nozzles make efficient working even easier. The extra long suction hose can also be used to make the range of uses even more comprehensive.

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