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Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62K petrol+electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t

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From Mike Maschler 12/11/2023 10:08

Top Gerät  

Spalter kaum sehr schnell und gut verpackt bei mir an. Zusammenbau war zu dritt recht einfach in ca 4 Stunden machbar. Anleitung ist gut verständlich. Bis jetzt hat der Spalter ca 5 fm gespalten und tut das was er...

The Jansen HS-22A62K is a premium class log splitter. It has a real splitting force of 22 tons.

The hydraulic pump is driven by a very robust, high-quality 6.5 hp Kohler gasoline engine or a powerful electric motor (400V, 2.2 kW). You can freely choose between electric drive or gasoline drive..

In our log splitters, the splitting force is measured directly at the splitting wedge so that this value corresponds to the actual fitting splitting force. Many other sellers give unrealistic values here, such that are never achieved in practice.

One of the most significant advantages of this device is that you can operate the splitter in a vertical or horizontal position. A highlight, however, is the possible combination operation! That is, you operate the splitter either with the 6.5 hp gasoline engine or the electric motor. Depending on the place of use, you are thus ready for action accordingly. This splitter will split every piece of wood, guaranteed, and will not surrender to any log. The length of the log to be split can measure up to 62 cm.

The log splitter is easy to operate. You can start the engine simply by pulling the recoil starter cord, and it even starts well in below freezing temperatures. For the electric motor you only need a suitable cable and power connection.

You can transport the device easily using the existing tow hook and towing assembly. The device is not, however, approved for road traffic, i.e. you are not allowed to tow it behind a passenger car on public roads. The exception to this rule is towing with a country or forestry tractor. In this case you are allowed to tow the log splitter on public roads. Make sure you observe the highway code though (lighting, indicators, registration plate, etc.). Alternatively, of course, you can put the log splitter onto a trailer using a ramp.

Due to the narrow total width of approx. 105 cm, you can even transport the device with ease on a conventional trailer.

Along with the splitter we deliver a free of charge 4-way wedge, which can be simply pushed over the splitting wedge. You can change between wedges in a matter of seconds! Using the 30 cm long splitting wedge or 4-way wedge you can also split logs of a larger diameter in one cycle. This often does not work with shorter splitting wedges and the log must often be rotated 180 degrees, which costs time and effort.

The hydraulics have been made in such a way that the splitting wedge can be held in all positions and can be moved forwards or backwards as desired. The force always remains the same and the splitting wedge, unlike many competing products, does not have to return to the starting position.

We have been selling these devices for many years, and they have been tried and tested by hundreds of customers. This log splitter will not fail on almost any piece of wood; nor has any customer been able to bring us a realistic piece of wood that this log splitter could not split.

Compare our machines with competing products! You won’t find anything comparable. We didn’t only develop these devices ourselves, but also offer excellent service (master technicians workshop) and spare parts. We have almost every part in stock. In the event of questions or problems we are only a phone call away. With us you speak with knowledgeable staff and not with “call-centre agents”!

We have all of our products assembled and ready for operation in our exhibition halls. We would love for you to come by to test them!

Technical specifications:
  • 4-stroke Kohler OHV engine, 6.5 HP, 4.8 kW
  • Fuel type: petrol
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 litres
  • Fuel consumption: Approx. 1.0 – 1.2 l/h
  • Starter: Recoil starter
  • 400 V electric engine with 2.2 kW (16A)
  • Towing speed: Max. 25 km/h
  • Max. log opening: 62 cm
  • Cylinder speed for one cycle downward: approx. 8 sec.
  • Splitting force: 22 tons (measured value)
  • Diameter of cylinder: 115 mm, piston rod 45 mm
  • 4-way splitting wedge, Length 30 cm (included in delivery)
  • Splitting wedge, Length 30 cm (included in delivery)
  • Dimensions of packaging: 191x50x66 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions in vertical position: 218x106x182 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions in horizontal position: 220x106x128 cm (LxWxH)
  • Amount of hydraulic oil: Approx. 9.5L (HLP46)


The device is delivered well packed and part-assembled in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 4-5 hours for final assembly. A step by step assembly guide as well as several detailed diagrams are part of the manual that comes with your log splitter. Assembly is not difficult. However, in the event that you require any assistance, we are happy to help you. Required components for conversion and operation in gasoline or electric mode are included in the scope of delivery. You will need approx. 9,5 litres of hydraulic oil to make the device ready before use. A hydraulic oil of classification HLP46 would be ideal and is widely available. In addition you will also need approx. 1 litre of engine oil for the engine. For this purpose we recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40.

Internal item#: 1037438261

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Customer evaluation for "Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62K petrol+electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t"
12 Nov 2023

Top Gerät

Spalter kaum sehr schnell und gut verpackt bei mir an. Zusammenbau war zu dritt recht einfach in ca 4 Stunden machbar. Anleitung ist gut verständlich. Bis jetzt hat der Spalter ca 5 fm gespalten und tut das was er soll. Preis Leistung top. Würde ihn mir wieder kaufen

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