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Wood chipper / garden shredder Jansen JX-102RS, P.T.O.

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The Jansen JX-102RS is new to our shredder line. Thanks to its hydraulic infeed, pushing, pressing etc. is a thing of the past; the 2 rollers do that for you. The speed of the feed rollers can be continuously adjusted with the control valve. This is important to adjust the feed speed to the diameter of the material to be shredded. Smaller diameters can be fed faster than larger diameters.

If the feeder does jam, the feed can be reversed with the large handle on the hopper. Furthermore, the feed can be switched off using this handle. The unit is powered via the tractor’s hydraulics; a pressurised supply line and an unpressurised return line are required or alternatively a double-acting control unit is required. The feed rollers require an engine output per litre of approx. 10 L/min or more.

The shredder comes complete with PTO. A shear pin has also been built into one side of the PTO, which serves as a predetermined breaking point for safety reasons in the event of blockages or overloading. This means that even larger tractors with more than 150 HP can be used without a problem.

You should have an engine power output of at least 70 HP. The PTO must have a speed of 540 rpm.

The feed hopper has 114x75 cm opening; the opening at the bottom in front of the rollers is 39x26 cm. It can shred fresh wood with a maximum diameter of approx. 18-20 cm. Many competitors list the maximum shredding diameter as the measurement of the bottom of the feed hopper, however, this value is unrealistic and can trigger the safety mechanism in the PTO.

The back part of the feed hopper can easily be flipped up and secured with a cotter pin for easy transport.

The unit has a maintenance-friendly design; you can open the flywheel cover completely by unscrewing just one screw, giving you access to the 4 cutting blades. These cutting blades are double-sided so they can be turned around if required. The flywheel has a diameter of approx. 90 cm and a net weight of approx. 120 kg and has fitted wings, which produces the incredibly powerful suction which ultimately expels the chippings out of the chute. Thanks to this powerful suction, a shredding unit blockage is virtually impossible.

The discharge chute has an ejection height of approx. 265 cm (plus the height of the lower link) and can be rotated 360 degrees. The ejection angle can also easily be changed. The Jansen JX-102RS ejects the shredded material up to 10 metres!

The shredder was designed to attach to the 3-point linkage and can be used from Cat. II.

Compare our products with those of our competitors! You’ll have a job find anything comparable. Not only have we developed these units ourselves, but we also offer expert service (workshop staffed by qualified technicians) and replacement parts. We typically have all parts in stock. If you have questions or problems, we are only a phone call away. Your call will be answered by competent staff, not by a call centre agent.

We have all of our products assembled and ready for operation in our exhibition halls. We would love for you to come by and have a look! Please schedule an appointment if you wish to do so.

Technical specifications:
  • Tractor power: min. 70 HP
  • Hydr. flow rate: from 10 L/min.
  • Mount: 3 point linkage from Cat. II
  • PTO: included
  • Rpm: 540
  • Number of blades: 4 blades, 1 counter blade
  • Rotor diameter: 90cm
  • Rotor weight: approx. 120 kg
  • Feed chute length: 140cm
  • Cut material: Ø 180-200 mm (depending on wood condition & type)
  • Feed chute height: 60 cm (bottom to bottom edge of hopper)
  • Ejection height: 265cm
  • Feed: (via tractor hydraulics) by 2 hydraulic feed rollers
  • Assembled dimensions (hopper open): 275x142x265 cm (LxWxH)
  • Assembled dimensions (transport position): 200x135x265 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 920 kg
  • Package dimensions: 195x145x172 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight incl. packaging: 945 kg

A tractor shredder is not ideally suited for needle-like materials such as spruce, pine, or cedar, and the desired result may also be lacking for willow. These materials are simply too soft for the feed rollers and flywheel, which can result in poor performance. Certainly, a better result can be achieved by adding wood branches or by processing certain diameters, but this is often not satisfactory.

Also, for the production of wood chips intended for a wood chip heating system, a tractor shredder is rather unsuitable as it does not produce standardized wood chips. The size of the wood chips depends on the type of wood and the shredder type and can be irregular, especially with fibrous, thin, or needle-like material. The use of standardized wood chips is common in wood chip heating systems but requires special shredders, which are typically found in a much higher price category.


The machine is delivered with sturdy packaging in a steel frame. You should allow approx. 1 hour for final assembly. Delivery includes a German instruction manual as well as an exploded view drawing. It is typically easy to assemble, however we recommend two people for assembly. Should you require any help, please feel free to call us.

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